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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Security Compliance Course Training

Tabletop exercises and hands-on experience translate to actionable security skills.
  • A site visit to Pyramid Dam allowed participants to apply the skills they learned in class - Gannett Fleming

    A site visit to Pyramid Dam allowed participants to apply the skills they learned in class.

California Department of Water Resources

Valencia, California

Our Role
Security Course Training.

3 days
  • Course reviewed security program requirements and physical security principles
  • Participants enhanced security plan development skills 
  • Participants achieved improved communication with inspectors.

The Pyramid Dam and its reservoir, located in Los Padres National Forest, California, store water for Ventura and Los Angeles counties. This critical infrastructure is maintained by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) and is regulated for both safety and security purposes by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Gannett Fleming provided FERC security course training for 17 DWR management personnel to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain dam security.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming provided three days of FERC security course training that covered security program requirements, physical security principles, and the dam assessment matrix for the security and vulnerability risk (DAMSVR) assessment process.

A site visit to Pyramid Dam and Lake provided participants with the opportunity to apply the skills they learned in class to conduct a site assessment. The site assessment was then used as the foundation for exercises the following day.

Participants left the training with actionable skills, such as security plan development, improved communication with FERC inspectors, and a deeper understanding of how to identify vulnerabilities at their project sites.

Key Features

  • Field trip offered first-hand experience 
  • Participants learned physical security concepts and design fundamentals.

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