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Clarke County High School Construction Management Services

Agency construction management approach shines in construction of Clarke County High School. 
  • The school’s 161,000 square feet are filled with natural light, giving the hallways a welcoming glow-Gannett Fleming

    The newly built $27.5 million school welcomed 700 students in its first year. Photo Credit Crabtree, Rohrbaugh, & Associates Architects

  • Clarke County High School Agency Construction Management-Gannett Fleming

    The school’s 161,000 square feet are filled with natural light, giving the hallways a welcoming glow. Photo Credit Crabtree, Rohrbaugh, & Associates Architects

School Board of Clarke County

Berryville, Virginia

Our Role
Construction Management.

161,000 square feet
Construction Cost
$23.3 million
New Construction
1 year 6 months
  • A modern prototype school replaces an outdated, overcrowded high school
  • The school has room to grow, was built on time, and came in under budget
  • As Agency CM, Gannett Fleming saved time, minimized costs, and added engineering value.

When members of the Clarke County School Board began the process of replacing the outdated, overcrowded Clarke County High School, they sought guidance for the construction process, needing a team who could deliver the project as efficiently as possible. Representing the school board’s best interests through every stage of the project, Gannett Fleming acted in an advisory role as agency construction manager (Agency CM) to shepherd the board through the construction process, from conceptual phase through construction.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming’s services included planning, value engineering, scheduling and budget compliance, bid-phase services, and on-site construction performance. As Agency CM, Gannett Fleming suggested the school use a design already created for another initiative, saving the school thousands of dollars in architecture fees. Another cost-lowering suggestion was to contract solely with a general contractor, saving the board $7 million compared to budget estimate. 

Post-construction, the firm continued to serve the school board by developing a commissioning plan to ensure the building automation systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting were functioning as required. In addition, the firm provided infrared thermal imaging of the building envelope to confirm the integrity of the wall and roof construction, making sure the school was safe for the students and staff. The board benefitted from having greater control of the project by having Gannett Fleming’s eyes and ears keeping tabs on all items involved with construction, and Gannett Fleming enjoyed acting as the project’s champion, resulting in an efficient, cost-effective, and timely delivery of the project.

Key Features

  • Agency CM approach saved school board $7 million
  • Commissioned systems function efficiently.

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