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Afghanistan National Logistics Compound

Logistics compound houses and supports security forces in Afghanistan.
  • The Pennsylvania Air National Guard Red Horse Squadron Facility supports readiness-Gannett Fleming

    A trench and wall surround the compound to create a secure perimeter.

Environmental Chemical Corporation International

Wardak, Afghanistan

Our Role
Architecture, Structural, Civil/Site, Geotechnical, Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical.

Construction Cost
$40 million
New Construction
2 years
  • Base provides maintenance and training facilities to support the region.

This fast-track, design-build assignment included 28 buildings in support of U.S. military and Afghan security forces in Afghanistan. Facilities included two vehicle maintenance facilities, a vehicle refueling point building, three administration buildings, three warehouses, generator building, laundry building, medical clinic, gym, dining facility, maintenance building, fire station, and guard facilities.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming designed the infrastructure and buildings within the walled compound for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Afghanistan Engineer District. As a subconsultant to Environmental Chemical Corporation International, our firm provided design services for the compound’s security, training, fueling, medical, and infrastructure facilities, including water supply and wastewater treatment. On-site electricity generation, water supply, and sewage treatment allow the compound to be self-supporting. Security is enhanced by a masonry wall and concrete ravine that prevent vehicles from penetrating the perimeter, a fence on top of the wall, guard towers, and an access control point. Additionally, fuel tanks are filled on the compound’s perimeter, reducing the chance of explosion near the buildings.

Key Features

  • On-site electricity generation provides power
  • A dorm, gym, training and maintenance facilities, and storage provide all training resources.

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