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Knouse Foods solar farm - Gannett Fleming

Diverse and evolving, our sustainable services, programs, and activities drive our vision to improve our communities and our world. That’s why we invest significant resources to develop smart designs, innovative technologies, and efficient systems that reflect our commitment to environmentally sound solutions for our internal operations, community outreach, and your projects. 

Meeting Your Challenges

Sustainability is deeply rooted in our culture. It’s the way we live, work, and deliver solutions that solve present challenges with careful consideration of future needs. 

We employ industry best practices to meet your sustainability targets, improve efficiency, protect resources, and reduce waste and emissions. And we’re a charter member of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, an independent organization in which many of our employees have been accredited as Envision™ Sustainability Professionals.

Whether it’s urban growth, aging and crumbling infrastructure, or traffic congestion, we have a team ready to help you design and implement sustainable strategies that protect our built and natural environments while balancing socio-economic and environmental priorities. 

Sustainability at Gannett Fleming

Our culture of sustainability drives who we are and how we serve our clients.

Environmental Policies

Working Together for a Better World

Our Commitment 
We have been stewards of the natural environment throughout our 100-year history. Our policies guide to us to live up to this commitment.

Environmental Sustainability Policy 
Gannett Fleming, Inc. will take significant and lasting steps to minimize adverse environmental impacts and conserve natural resources in its activities, projects, and work processes. In its operations, the firm will increase recycling of supplies and materials, reduce the use of natural resources, and raise environmental awareness among its employees. In its projects, the firm will minimize energy use, respect the natural environment, reuse materials, and decrease negative impacts. Gannett Fleming and its employees will meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

Printing Sustainability Statement 
Gannett Fleming, Inc. is committed to significant and lasting steps to conserve natural resources and minimize adverse environmental impacts in projects, work processes, and daily activities. Some clients prefer project documentation in electronic format; accordingly, Gannett Fleming will only produce hard copies of deliverables and final correspondence, if specifically requested by our clients. As a result, together, we may reduce resource consumption associated with document production and decrease our carbon footprints. Thank you in advance in sharing in our commitment.